A[/ nectar_dropcap]ll surf spots in the world gathered on a map, this is what the Surf Trip Map offers with all the information necessary for your favorite activity whether you’re riding a bodyboard or a surfboard.

List all the surf spots on a map, that’s what Awesome Maps offers. A world map with over 1000 surf spots and surf beaches, information on wave quality, water temperature, peak season, shark attacks and more. The map is writable with a ballpoint pen – just add your favorite spots or your travel itinerary. A real must for all surfers!

If you are looking for a gift for a surfer, the Surf Trip Map will fill the happy owner of this world map of surf spots. Packed in a tube for the paper version, the SurfTrip Map is presented in an original way. The colors are vibrant and contrast well with white.
The dimensions for the paper version are 97.5 x 56 cm. There is a canvas version which is 146 x 86 cm.

But the Awesome Maps company didn’t stop at maps. Indeed, the idea has been declined on many supports. You can therefore find the surf spots of the world on your beach towel, in card games, in folding card, in paper card, etc…

Awesome Maps also didn’t just focus on surf spots. It also offers cards for all kinds of sports. You will find on their site the map of diving spots, the map of kitesurf spots, that of climbing spots, the map of snowboard or ski spots, the map of hiking, mountain biking, golf, fishing, football, and more.

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