May we introduce Mr. Spider Murphy to you ? Here is the portrait of a shaper like no other one in the surf business, he has shaped the history of surfing for the past 40 years.

Spider Murphy, South Africa Shaper Legend

Spider is one of the most recognized, if not the best known, Shaper in South Africa. He is a member of the South African Surfing Legends and has dedicated his life to this sport. His boards Spider Surfboards with a spider logo are well known all over around the world.

spider surfboards

A few decades ago, Spider was called “the surfer shaper”, giving him the opportunity to really see all aspects of surfing. From basic mechanics, observing and understanding the sensation of boards and waves, to every little detail of his shapes.

As the owner of the famous Safari Surfboard Factory in Durban, he also has a very good idea of the surfing business world . In total, this gives him an incredible 45 years of experience in shaping and building surfboards.

Spider has crossed the magic barrier of 70 years, but that hardly impresses him. If you look at his daily routine, you can’t imagine he’s over 40. He wakes up at half past four in the morning, does his yoga morning routine and arrives at the beach when the sun is rising.

What awaits him is a local group of talented young surfers, the “spider crew”. This small group of potential future surf stars draws on Spider’s surfing tips, but they also learn from him about his approach to life.

safari surfboards

Each of Spider Murphy’s surf lessons begins with a short skateboarding session, followed by a quick warm-up. After an hour of concentrated surfing on the famous North Beach in Durban, Spider arrives in his factory and his shaper day begins.

The number of boards I may have shaped in my life ? Imagine someone asking you how many times you've eaten in your life, it's just something you do. But I guess it was a lot.

Spider MurphyShaper legend

So imagine now that you set foot in Spider Shaping Bay, you may be greeted by reggae or funk music, followed by a warm and welcoming smile. Spider wears boardshorts and walks barefoot in what he and his team call “fairy dust”.

After showing you the latest shape idea he’s working on, you can see the amazement in his eyes. You can say that, even after all these years, Spider still gives all its efforts and dedication to each Spider Murphy Surfboards in order to create perfection in his shape and the quality of the finishes. He refers to it as planks with “added soul” and it is something that you can actually feel once you have one.

Spider Surfboards

Spider surfboards is a wide range of surfboards: from classic shortboards to longboards, including fish and funboards. Here are among them 6 emblematic surfboards of the famous brand Spider Surfboards.

Spider Super Bug

The Spider Super Bug is a modern surfboard to which Spider added his 40 years of experience to refine. It is very comfortable on the take-off. It flies over the flat spots and glides out of the turns while maintaining speed. The Hydro Channels for speed and a squash tail for added drive. Suits intermediate to proficient surfers.

Spider Bomb

The Spider Bomb is the result of a two-year development process and is the ultimate fun surfboard for Instant ankle to head-high waves. Easy to paddle and super fast down the line, flat spots are easily navigated with the assistance of finely tuned. hydro-channels on the bottom deck. Loose, alive and able to go on anything, this surfboard redefines the term “instant acceleration” within its class.

Spider Hydro X

The Spider Hydro X is the Spider Bomb’s leaner, meaner, high-performance cousin. Building on the extraordinary success of the Bomb, the Hydro X has a shorter length and wider nose / tail compared to a conventional shortboard. Providing lift and acceleration are six light hydro-channels running through the tail and a smooth rocker without push points. This surfboards easy rail configuration and hidden volume, together with its clean plan shape with quick release delivers a ride guaranteed to increase your adrenaline level. Single to double concave to V in the channel.

Spider Fish Bomb

The Spider Fish Bomb is the result of combining the Spider Bomb’s bottom deck channels with a Surfboard fish. Building on its predecessors the Spider Bomb and Hydro X, the Fish Bomb is designed to ride smaller waves, but can still hold its line in solid surf. This high performance fun board paddles fast, has a comfortable yet speedy take-off and glides easily over flat sections while still giving you plenty of drive to perform incredible roundhouse cutbacks. This model will keep your adrenalin pumping.

Spider Glider

The Spider Glider is a fast paddler and generates speed out of the smallest of waves. Designed for flat and weak conditions, it turns much easier than a Minimal surf and can be enjoyed by anyone. Full tight nose with flat rocker and slight V.

Spider Mini malibu

The Spider classic Minimal design for easy paddling and loads of stability. Designed for beginners surfers and experienced surfers looking for easy fun, this model has a slight Vee in the nose area which flows into a flat bottom.

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