Surf FINS are an essential element in surfing equipment. Being equipped with good fins can radically change the performance of your surfboard, so you might choose them with care. There are many fins brands but only a few stand out on the premium range. This is one of them that we are going to present to you: Scarfini fins.

Scarfini Fins story

Scarfini Fins is one of the biggest brands of surf fins. It was in South Africa that the first Scarfini fins was born, just got out by master craftsmanship brothers Denis and Jonathan Scarfini.
As the first surfboards of the greatest shapers, every story begins in a garage. Jonathan shapes surfboards and fins, he quickly realizes that there is a better place for his surf fins in the surfing industry. After conquering South Africa, the brand is exported around the globe to become what it is now: One of the best surf fins brands in the world!

I started to shape my own surfboards and my fins in my garage.

I quickly realized that my surf fins were much better than my surf boards!

Jonathan ScrafiniCo-Fondateur de Scarfini Fins

Surf fins that make the difference

So you will say to me, why should I choose  Scarfini fins instead of FCS, Future purposes or others? Scarfini fins stand out on many points, let’s see why together.

Surf fins that adapt to your fin box

Fine brands only do what they want? In terms of search and innovation (or to keep the top spot on the ranking?) Some are even reinventing their own finbox. Where Scarfini fins has managed to deal with those evolution, is that the brand has adapted to different finbox in her range. The Scarfini fins range is therefore composed of fins with the FCS box system under the name HX but also the Future fins box system under the name FX.

boitier dérive surf

Top quality materials

The surf fins brand does not skimp on the quality of her materials. The fins are available in 4 manufacturing models. Depending on the model, you will therefore have a specific design because of the composition and the construction are different.
derives surf scarfini fins
  • Carbon base: The core of these fins is made of a foam which keeps the flex of a classic fin with the advantage of reducing their weight. The carbon base maintains rigidity at the base for optimal stability and control, then gradually becomes flexible towards the tip of the fin.
  • Air fin: Ultra light surfboards. They are made of environmentally friendly materials: 10% recyclable materials, the remaining 90% are simply air. Will allow Fast drifts with control in your turns.
  • Eco fin: The eco fins have a hemp base, a cork core and a bamboo tip. Hemp is one of the strongest natural textile fibers in the world, it is an ideal rigid base. Cork offers considerable lightness. Finally the bamboo tip brings flex.
  • Glass comp: Fiberglass composite construction offering high performance. Available in 35% and 50% fiberglass. The injection molding process provides geometric precision for the fin and provides control in small to medium waves.

Models according to your surfing style

Scarfini Fins offers 3 models which are associated with the size of the fins. So depending on your weight, your level and your surfing style, your fins will have one of the following models.

  • Equilibrium: A well balanced model with a base and a medium point. Ideal for any type of surfboard and in all wave conditions.
  • Velox: A taut and less curved model to produce and maintain speed. The central fin is smaller, it allows faster transitions on the tail. These surf fins excel in powerful conditions.
  • Directa: A model with a large base to generate speed and more control. A fine tip for quick raises and smooth rail transitions.
dérive surf scarfini

A complete range

The Scarfini fins range covers all styles of surfing. From high-performance shortboard to longboard smooth, including single and twin fins for fish. The fins are available in the following dimensions:

  • XS for weights under 50kg
  • S for weights between 45kg and 65kg
  • M for weights between 60kg and 80kg
  • ML for weights between 70kg and 90kg
  • L for weights over 80kg

These are the dimensions that will set the color of the surfboard fins. So depending on your weight you will have a different color.

Scarfini fins also offers a wide choice on the number of fins according to your surfboard. You will therefore find surf fins for thruster, fins for Quattro, fins for 5-end boxes, single fin, twin fins etc.

Scarfini offers replacement of lost or broken fins

Who has never broken or lost a surfboard fins? We are always blazed when it comes to buying the same fins when only one is necessary. Scarfini fins has understood this and knows the problems of surfers. And for the happiness of all and especially that of our portfolios, Scarfini fins offers the purchase of individual surf fins. Isn’t that beautiful?

An unbeatable price

Last but not least, the price! Where a set of surf fins will cost you around a hundred euros, the Scarfini fins offer a price significantly lower than the most well-known fins.

No think no more, Scarfini fins offers high-performance surf fins for an unbeatable price. Go ahead and buy Scarfini fins, believe us, you won’t be disappointed !

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