What could be more pleasant than a good shower after a successful session? This is what the Rinsekit portable shower offers. But not only for fans of board sports! Indeed this shower can also be useful for your daily tasks.

A portable and autonomous pressure shower

Freestanding showers are numerous, most use a pump or have a battery system to create the pressure necessary for your good shower. The rinsekit standalone shower has chosen to bring the necessary pressure in another way: just connect your shower to an ordinary tap or the tap in the garden, the tank keeps the tap pressure and then delivers it during its use.

The result is rather surprising since the rinsekit portable shower provides more than enough pressure to clean what you want for a period varying between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the jet mode.

The hand shower has 7 different jets, to choose from, depending on use. You can therefore, according to your needs, opt for the classic shower jet, the straight line jet, the atomizing jet, the cone jet and the flat jet, the centered jet and finally the tap jet.

A portable shower useful in all situations !

This portable shower will be useful in many situations and not only for your favorite sporting activity. In fact, you can use it to wash your car, water your garden, camping, remove the sand before entering your car, wash your dog and any stains that require cleaning.

Outdoor sports, especially board sports, can be messy for you and your equipment. You can now clean up after a good session in the waves, rinse your surfboard, rinse your bodyboard, your wetsuit, your windsurf sail or your kite wing.

The different styles of jets will adapt to your needs: a shower jet to rinse, a straight line jet with strong pressure, a mist jet to water the plants or cool off for example, a cone jet to clean the dog, the flat jet to wash sports equipment more easily, the centered jet allows a shower jet with low consumption and finally the tap jet.

The RinseKit shower is made of durable, virgin PE plastic without BPA. It only has two stainless steel parts to avoid corrosion.

Finally, this portable shower has a large tank that can hold up to 9 liters of water. The tank can hold hot water which turns the rinsekit into a portable shower with hot water. The water temperature is kept, which is pretty cool for showers while camping or rinsing after a winter surf session.

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