Onda wetsuits is well known as a Portuguese brand and as a leader of their local market.

They mainly specialize in surfschool wetsuits but they also have a top range with the last technology on the market. We’re gonna introduce you to a few of them today with Onda wetsuits Technologies Glossary. We hope this helps you to understand your wetsuit better and then make the right decision when you are ready to buy one.

The different materials use to make Onda wetsuits

Ace foam: super stretchy and warmth provider. Used in the top range collections

Durum foam: resistance and durability, this foam grants a higher resistance in harsh usage conditions as surf schools and rentals

Ventiprene: is an innovative neoprene foam that was engineered for activities where you not spending that long in the water, like SUP, it’s an amazing shield against cold wind, it doesn’t let the water get inside, but at least, the heat and moisture escape from inside the garments as water vapor.

Aqua based lamination glue: in all onda wetsuits range we use aqua based glue in the lamination process of the wetsuits. It’s a more environmentally friendly solution presented in the PRO SERIES line.

Solvent free: No more harmful solvent chemicals in your neoprene products

Onda wetsuits Technologies Glossary

Smooth collar skin No abrasion : The inside of onda’s wetsuits collars is made of very soft and stretchy material, that will keep your neck free of abrasion marks. It also does a great job protecting you from the colder winds in the neck area.

Ignis tech plus – faster drying, enhances warmth: Ignis tech is the fastest drying material in the market. Because it flushes out the water trapped inside the wetsuit so fast, you’ll have a superior accumulation of heat. It also works as an active barrier for the windy days.

AES TECH – comfort and warmth: All pro series models have the inside lining base, made of AES tech material. It grants a more functional flushing of the water that gets inside, potentiating a bigger retention of body heat. This material is also smoother, so it will avoid abrasion on the skin.

Astrozip system- smaller zipper: improve flexibility: the astrozip system features a smaller horizontal chest zipper and an innovative entry system with a chest batwing flap, it’s very easy to get inside, and very flexible.

Chest zipper: the most common zipper in our collection that can be found in our shield and zflex line. First ever inverted zipper in Onda wetsuits that will grant additional comfort and resistance.

Zipfree system – surf free: free your surf, become more flexible. now with an easier entrance built.

Liquid seal- warmth is key for us: Thermal capacity is our priority. Besides making the wetsuit more water proof and therefore warmer, it also improves strength of the stitching, making it more resistant.

FS TAPE – extra warmth and flexibility: Innovative interior seal tape, super stretchy and thin (0,5mm) made of AF material, that grants superior elasticity to the seams as well as reinforced water tighness. It also has a soft touch, reducing abrasion on the sensitive areas of the body.

fused cut edges: top end finish that grants more longestivity to your wetsuits.

double tape closure: internal entry system, less restrictive and more flexible. It closes the inside panel tighter to the neck. Water will not go inside so easily. It grants a superior resistance to the area of the wetsuit that it is subjected to a lot of tear.

GBS glue blind stitched: stitching in which the two panels are aligned side by side, glued and then stitched. The needle never gets to pierce the neoprene from one side to another: you will get a very water tight wetsuit with this process, and more resistance seams.

Flatlock: in which the two panels are overlayed and then zig zag stitched. This stitching is more common on the summer wetsuits.

Grip seals: improves the water tightness of the extremities (ankles and cuffs)

Drain holes: specially placed holes to drain the water that might get accumulated inside some areas of the wetsuit.

K pads – bullet proof? Yes : when you are surfing, one of the most buffeted areas is the knees, so the kpads are made of a super resistant material on the outside (kevlar) and with a more stiff and resistant foam, offering extra protection on impacts.

YKK zipper – never break: we use YKK zippers on our wetsuits, the best in the market, with a superior resistance to the natural corrosion made by the ocean water.

Key pocket: Special pocket to stash your key while you’re in the water.

Reinforcement point: small circular dots made of a resistant material that are applied to grant extra strengh on specific seams, which may be exposed to pressure more than others.

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