Putting on your wetsuit … We know it is not every day that the conditions are met to offer you a perfect session. In these moments, nothing matters anymore: we are in a hurry, we want to be the first in the water, the bomb may come, we run! Then comes the time to put on the wetsuit. We usually shoot this poor combination like crazy to get our members in as quickly as possible. In the middle of winter with a thicker suit, it becomes a sport in its own right. So we have selected for you the various tips to put your combination easily and correctly.

Our advice for putting on your suit

1. The plastic bag

Yes the plastic bag technique is effective, however it is not at all in line with our values​​… It will end up in the ocean or at best in a landfill. So we will not dwell on this tip. We advise you to replace this ugly plastic bag with the ORCA socks presented in the following tips.

Enfiler combinaison sac plastique

2. The sock

This technique is perfect, you can keep your socks on your feet and put on your wetsuit directly. Two drawbacks however: if your suit is still wet, you may end up with wet socks too. And putting on your shoes with wet socks is not very pleasant, especially in winter! The other disadvantage is that if you also want to facilitate the passage of the arms, you will have to put your socks (clean I hope…) on your arms…

3. The ORCA socks

We presented the Zoomie to you a few years ago. A recycled accessory for easier donning. Now replaced by the ORCA socks, this accessory duly tested by our team, replaces the plastic bag that some people use. We will not go into details but the orca socks is much more ecological, solid and sexy than a plastic bag that will end up in the trash, see in the ocean … The ORCA socks also replaces the pair of socks, and it to the advantage of not being afraid of water 😉

Available on the Softboard center and Bodyboard center sites, the ORCA socks will accompany you during a good package of sessions.

No matter your style, the important thing is that it slides!

LionelNo comment 😀

4. Lubricant or soapy water

This simple tip is to add a slippery substance inside your suit. Consider using solutions that respect the environment because your lotion will diffuse directly into the water. Be careful too, some solutions can damage your combination. A small point to clarify, the feeling of the lubricating liquid on the body may seem unpleasant for some.

You can use a homemade solution or buy a lubricant solution that makes it easy to put on your suit.

lubrifiant enfiler combinaison

5. The shower

A good shower is a fairly effective technique. It is rather pleasant especially in winter. By cons this tip has a major drawback, you will have to go to your spot with your suit which is not necessarily very practical, especially if it is still wet.

Our tip selected for putting on your wetsuit

You will understand, we have a big preference for ORCA socks for its ecological and sustainable side but especially for its efficiency. It is for us the best solution to easily put on your combination. However, we recommend that you test each of these tips and make up your own mind.

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