D etails and measurements are as precise as it gets on bodyboards for advanced riders. Given the short length of the board, a quarter inch on the length, wide point, nose or tail can impact the performance of your board in a great extent. And those are going to be impacted by your style of riding (whether you want a prone or drop-knee board or even a stand-up bodyboard or hybrid shape).

Chose from templates developed by the best bodyboarders in the world

Pride Bodyboards is the leading bodyboarding brand in the world and has been created in France in 1999. The company still has its headquarters in France (in Hossegor since 2019) and is distributed worldwide. They’re the only major bodyboard brand to offer custom shaped bodyboards based on their riders’ templates with its now famous online Shaping Room. Pierre-Louis Costes (2x World Champion from France), Tristan Roberts (World Champion from South Africa), Lewy Finnegan (one of the best free-surfer in the world no matter which craft we’re talking about for WA) and Isabela Sousa (4x World Champion from Brazil) have developed their own templates based on their search of performance in all types of waves and Pride is giving you the opportunity to custom these depending on your needs, size, weight an even the water your rider.

You can custom these templates with a variety of cores, tails, contour deck, colours, channels, concaves, colours and stiffeners which gives you infinite possibilities.

If you still have doubts regarding the choice of your bodyboard, Pride Bodyboards also offers a complete guide to choose your bodyboard. You’ll find all the technical information in order to have all key elements in mind as well as an easy tool to quickly simulate the size and core of your bodyboard depending on your size, weight, skills and the temperature of the water where you bodyboard.

The cores and stringers of your custom bodyboard

You can choose from two cores: NRG+ (ideal for cold waters) and PP (ideal for temperate to warm waters) which can be customized with a wide array of stiffeners.

bodyboards sur-mesure

You can put a single carbon stringer, two carbon stringers (preferable in really warm waters), a trident stringer system which consists of 2 mid-length stringers on the side and a central full length carbon fiber stringer as well as the Interchangeable Stringer System® known as ISS® and Pride’s exclusive Radial Flex. The Radial Flex has been invented by Pride Bodyboards to give the riders the ideal flex where its most needed: under the elbow, and stiffens the rest of the board. It increases the lifespan of the board as well as projection on air moves.

Three different tails to choose from

Most people will choose between bat tail and crescent tail for their custom bodyboard. The first one gives more surfing surface to the board and makes it easier to spin or land flip while the crescent is the most used tail the past few decades. It’s more efficient in terms of drive in hollow wave.
Pride Bodyboards has also developed its own hybrid tail named the crescent bat-tail. It gives the surfing surface of a classic bat-tail while giving you’re the comfort of riding a crescent tail under the hips thanks to a special pre-cut of the plank.

bodyboard sur-mesure

Infinite possibilities

On top of those you can chose to add a mesh between the slick and the core, put some concaves or channels under your board, add a contour deck to optimize your boards’ ergonomics as well as a wide range of colors, your deck, rails, pinlines, slick, stickers and deck and slick prints.
You can even play around with their unique 3D rendering module and take a pic of your dream board.

With your own custom board, there’s no way you’ll find someone with the same board at your local.

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