1. There are symmetrical and asymmetrical bodyboard swim fins

You’ve certainly seen that most pro bodyboarders use asymmetrical bodyboard fins. They’ve been used by most since the most stylish riders have chosen to cross their fins on rotations and spread their legs on invert airs. They’ve been brought to the market by Churchill fins and this shapes have been used by almost all brands since then. Nowadays the best brands to buy asymmetrical fins are Stealth Fins and Vulcan Fins, who both have innovated in their own way in order to develop new moulds and new features.

Symmetrical fins, although less popular are more versatile and can be used for bodysurfing too. They’re more healthy if your knees are fragile too.

2. Bodyboard Swimfins stiffness varies a lots

Soft fins will require less effort, however they will make you move slower and accelerate less quickly. Stiff fins, on the other hand, will require more effort, but you will bring about a strong acceleration and encourage you to move faster.

We’ve tested in partnership with the bodyboard specialist website bodyboardcenter 8 models of fins from 4 different brands and seen that their stiffness varies a lot. You’ll find these below ranked from the softest to the stiffest:

  • Vulcan V1 by Pride Bodyboards: the softest fins we’ve tried. They’re ideal if you’re getting started with bodyboarding or bodyboard in cold water.
  • Dafin: they’re blade may be stiff but the pocket is quite soft, which makes them really confortable for bodysurfing.
  • Vulcan V2 by Pride Bodyboards: stiffer than the V1 with 3 densities of rubber they remain very confortable while offering a great propulsion
  • Orca: versatile and powerful. Possibly the best value for money out there. They can be used for bodysurfing and bodyboarding. Not the most stylish but they do the job and their price is the lowest for natural rubber (39€ only!)
  • Stealth S1, S3, S4 & S2 (in this order): these 4 models offer different features and similar stiffness. The new color ways are very beautiful and different from the rest of the brands. We love them. S2 models are the stiffest of all 4 models.
  • Vulcan V3 PLC: we came across this new model by Pride Bodyboards. Designed by Pierre-Louis Costes to tackle heavy slabs. Really stiff and offers a good maintain on the foot. However, the ergonomics makes it quite nice to wear. Watch out for the perfect size though.

3. All the fins from these brands float!

Yes, they do! Their densities allow these fins to float. Watch out for current and other whirlpools because these may decide otherwise. If you’ve had bad experiences with bodyboard fin losses, the point below is for you.

4. Use bodyboard fin savers in order not to lose your fins

You can use basic laces on your ankles in order to avoid fin losses or buy fin saver designed for bodyboarding. The Pride Fin Saver straps will maintain the fin on your foot while making them more comfortable for your heels!

5. You can wear socks in your fins

Whether you want to avoid cut or bruises or just to resist the cold in winter, summer and winter type bodyboard fin socks exist and they do their job to perfection. Watch out, you may need one size of fin bigger to use them with thick socks.

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