What could be more pleasant than a bike ride? Especially when it comes to going to a surf spot! To combine these two disciplines, no choice, you have to transport your surfboard by bike. In this article we show you how to carry your surfboards on your bike.

Why would you ride a bike to go surfing??

But what is the point of using your bicycle to surf? There are many advantages, but here are the main ones. You will give way to the pleasant feeling of freedom that the bicycle can give you, you will no longer have to worry about finding a parking spot for long minutes while your friends are already paddling out and finally you will do this little gesture for the planet. Please note, transporting your surfing equipment by bicycle requires a little preparation and specific equipment.

How to carry your surfboard on a bike?

You know the benefits of going surfing by bike and now you want to get started. Several solutions exist here is a small summary of the most encountered on our beaches.

1. Surfboard under your arm

Nooooo!! It’s dangerous… Even if we see a lot of people with their surfboards under their arms, we strongly recommend that you do not use this technique for obvious safety reasons for you, your surfboard and the people you will meet.

2. Build a homemade bike surf rack

This solution is viable for the most DIY enthusiasts among us. You will find several tutorials on the internet. Here is a video that will give you a great guideline. Each bike and surfboard are different. Make sure to measure your own bike and surfboard, and dry fit the pieces before gluing them together. If you have no idea of ​​DIY, we advise you to choose the option “Buy a surf rack” below.

3. Buy a bike surf rack

It is for us the simplest and safest solution. For a few euros you will have a bike carrier that has been tested and approved. Surf racks are suitable for all bikes and some even for scooters.

Which surf rack to choose to carry your surfboard ?

With the surf rack, going to the beach by bike with your surf will no longer be a problem! Thanks to this support for surfboards, you can easily transport your equipment on your bicycle and reach the spot of your choice.

No more hassle of the car, you have the freedom of cycling without the risk of losing your surfboard on the bike path, scratching your elbows and knees or those of someone else!

surf rack velo

There are a few brands of surf bike racks but none really stand out from the rest. You will find a surf rack for a few euros, the price generally varies according to the quality of the materials used. Rack surfboards have protective foam on the support tubes and a clip to block the surf.

We will note however that some surf racks offer an attachment under the saddle only, others also hang under the handlebars to allow to carry longboards, finally some are fixed on a luggage rack.

porte velo shortboard
porte longboard velo
surf porte baguage

You now have everything you need to get to your home spot riding a bike. By the way, don’t forget your padlock (yes it’s important). See you in the water!

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